Exist. is more than just an online magazine for the LGBT community. Exist. is a movement.

Exist. stands for self-love, self-acceptance and a desire to not just survive but thrive.

Many members of the LGBT community are faced with perpetual struggles, discrimination and a lack of acceptance. 

This, in turn, leads people to struggle as they seek out self-acceptance, self-confidence and happiness.

The Exist.  movement is about embracing yourself and your life.

It’s about unfurling your wings and taking flight.

It’s about making the most of your existence. Every. Single. Moment.

Be the real you and embrace yourself, your existence. Enrich your life with wonderful people, places and things. Find happiness and make the most of every opportunity.

You only have one shot.

Don’t just survive; thrive.

Make the most of your existence.



Exist Magazine LGBT by The Rain Maker with Scott Binsack


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