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Hallmark Includes Gay Couple in V-Day Marketing Campaign

Greeting card company Hallmark has opted to include two gay couples in one of its pre-Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, providing the LGBT community with a refreshing change from the heterosexual-centric commercials that are so common in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Hallmark’s #CareEnough Valentine’s Day marketing campaign features couples who recount their stories of finding love.

Amongst the love stories is the story of LaParis and Karisia, a lesbian couple that found themselves “smitten” with each other at their first meeting.

Karisia told LaParis, “You’re just my life partner, and I just, I don’t ever want to know what it’s like to not have that.”

The Hallmark Valentine’s Day campaign also features Jason and Robin, a same-sex couple who recalled the moment they learned they would have their daughter.

“I’ll always remember that day when we found out that we were officially pregnant,” Jason explained, while Robin added, “It just kinda was like ‘Whoa, we actually did this!'”

Robin described them as having “more than love” as they’ve connected as more than just a couple, but as a family now that they have their daughter.

This marks the second year that Hallmark has released a marketing campaign featuring a gay couple. They first bucked the trend of featuring only heterosexual couples in their ads in 2015.

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