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GA Politicians Vote Against Extending Civil Rights to LGBT

GA politicians have voted against a measure that would afford extended protections to members of the LGBT community.

The legislation — House Bill 849 — sought to expand civil rights protections to gay, lesbian and transgender individuals. But the measure, introduced by State Representative Taylor Bennett (D-Brookhaven) was defeated by the House Judiciary Committee panel members.

But the legislation isn’t entirely defeated quite yet, as they voted to submit the bill to the full Judiciary Committee which will review the legislation on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

In a statement, the subcommittee’s chairman Rep. Johnnie Caldwell Jr. (R-Thomaston).

Georgia’s politicians are also seeking to align the state laws with the federal laws which prevent LGBT discrimination in hotels, restaurants and other similar establishments. And if discrimination did occur, the victim would have the right to file a discrimination suit in state court.

Notably, Georgia is just one of a handful of states that does not provide this sort of civil rights protection to members of the LGBT community.

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