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Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Fireplace This Winter

Not everyone lives in a cold climate, so many fireplaces simply don’t get a lot of usage. So why not decorate that fireplace in a unique and clever way?

Consider these cool fireplace decor ideas for your home’s hearth.


Place an array of candles and even incense in your fireplace for a unique look that allows you to enjoy the beauty of flame without the heat.

Books and Tchotchkes

Decorate your fireplace with an array of old books, book ends and other Tchotchkes for a stylish look that’s certain to garner lots of attention during your next gathering.

Potted Plants

Place a few potted plants inside your fireplace for a unique look that’s elegant yet colorful. Orchids and evergreens are a couple great options for this decorating idea.

If there’s little natural light near your fireplace, consider using faux plants instead of real ones.

Decorative Logs

Get out the metallic spray paint and decorate those logs with gold and/or silver paint. Then, tie the bundles with ribbon and intersperse the logs with pine cones and twinkle lights for a whimsical look year round.

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