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Anti-Gay Activist Josh Duggar Sued by Adult Film Star

Anti-gay activist and now-former reality TV star Josh Duggar is facing a lawsuit filed by adult film star Danica Dillon who alleges he assaulted and beat her during a bout of rough sex that occurred in early 2015.

This $500,000 lawsuit comes on the heels of several disturbing revelations about the former executive director of the Family Research Council – an organization that has become a notoriously vocal opponent to gay rights.

Josh Duggar, a married father of four children, was recently exposed for admittedly molesting nearly half a dozen underage girls, including his own sisters when he was a teen. It then came to light that he had not one but two accounts on the online dating site Ashley Madison.

Josh Duggar is one of 19 children and he formerly appeared on TLC’s reality show 19 Kids and Counting.

Duggar has publicly opposed same-sex marriage, claiming he believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman – a remark that has drawn loads of criticism due to Duggar’s infidelity, as clearly his marriage involves one man, one woman and at least one mistress.

Dillon claims that Josh Duggar approached her at a night club in Philadelphia, spending $600 on lap dances before arranging to spend the night with her. Dillon says that Duggar refused to wear a condom and assaulted her during at least one of their two encounters. According to the lawsuit, Duggar allegedly “man handled” Dillon and was so forceful that she reportedly felt as if she was being raped.

Dillon is seeking half a million dollars in damages for physical injuries and emotional distress.

Duggar has not publicly commented on the allegations.

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