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4 Signs it’s Time to Break Up and End Your Relationship

Relationships can be difficult and that’s true whether you’re gay, bisexual or heterosexual. But when do you work on it and when do you walk away?

Consider these points as you decide whether it’s time to break up and end your relationship.

You’re Constantly Fighting

Disagreements are normal. Even the most well-matched couples will have an occasional spat.

But if you’re fighting more often than you’re having fun together. And instead of stupid, little fights, you’re duking it out in a more personal, nasty way, poking at the other’s insecurities and sore spots.

You Don’t Enjoy Each Other Anymore

When you first got together, you’d look forward to seeing your significant other. You got butterflies at the sight of him or her. And you’d dread the moment when you had to part ways at the end of your date.

But now, things are totally different. You don’t look forward to seeing your significant other; in fact, you’re opting for avoidance! When you actually do spend time together, you find that you’re unhappy.

Your Relationship Dynamics are Unhealthy

Some people are just toxic to each other. ┬áIf you bring out the worst each other or realize that you’re enabling him or her to live an unhealthy lifestyle, then it’s usually best to part ways.

Some toxic relationships can evolve into an abusive relationship, so it’s important to end it before you get to that point. Nobody deserves physical or emotional abuse. Ever.

You’re Tempted to Cheat

If you find yourself tempted to play the field, then it’s time to call it quits. Plain and simple.

Don’t complicate matters and hurt your partner by being unfaithful. Set him or her free so you can both move forward.

In short, your relationship should be a positive thing in your life. If your relationship has evolved into a vortex of negativity, then it’s time to move on. Remember, you deserve happiness and so does your partner.

Did you recently make the decision to break up with your mate? If so, what signs did you see that signaled the end of your relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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