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4 Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Gay Couples

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse for a fun and fabulous outing together, but dinner and a movie is so tired. So if you’re ready to do something fun this Valentine’s Day (or any other day, for that matter!), consider a few of these fun ideas!

Go on a Spontaneous Selfie Spree

Set out on an adventure and go wherever the day takes you. The only rules are that you must be spontaneous and you must take selfies together at every location you visit.

At the end of the day, you’ll have some wonderful memories and lots of great selfies to share and add to the scrapbook.

Pretend to be a Tourist for the Day

It’s easy to forget all of the wonderful and unique sites that your city has to offer, so pretend to be a tourist for the day and visit the many fabulous attractions in your city. (And be sure to take lots of photos together too!)

End your day at a local hotel and treat yourself to room service and a massage!

Treat Yourself to a Movie Marathon

Grab some food from your favorite take-out restaurant and head home for a movie marathon!

Whether you prefer James Bond, Harry Potter, Spiderman or even Twilight, this date idea is perfect for any couple that prefers a more laid back and casual Valentine’s Day date idea…one with plenty of opportunity for cuddling!

Do Something Daring

If you love getting your adrenaline pumping, opt for something fun and daring this Valentine’s Day! From rock climbing, to bungee jumping, skydiving (including indoor skydiving!), hot air ballooning and indoor skiing, whatever activity you choose, it’s certain to be super fun and memorable!

With these fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to make this V Day super memorable and extra special for you and your mate.

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